How is a car service company different from a car rental company?

January 20, 2023

How is booking with a car service company different from booking with a car rental company?

Car rental companies have multiplied over the last decade now that many people have chosen to not own a car. However, is renting a car really the best idea?

Driving a car that has been driven by too many people might put your safety at risk. Even if the car rental company makes sure to properly maintain their vehicles, there might be undetected issues or sanitary conditions that are only noticed by the next person who drives the car. 

That person could be you.

Convenience is another factor that you should consider when deciding between a car rental company and a car service company. If you are going to invest in a service that is supposed to make your life easier in one way or another, then why drive? Although driving can be a relaxing activity at times, it can become nerve-wracking when combined with traffic. 

The level of expertise that your driver will have can also be a beneficial aspect of booking with a car service company. Having someone to drive you around who has years of experience with driving in those locations is a completely different experience than trying to figure things out on your own. 

Finally, a car service company will pick you up at your location and drop you off at your destination while a car rental company will most likely make you go to their warehouse for you to pick up the car. 

Overall, car service companies are adaptable and customer-friendly. OC VIP provides all of the benefits listed above and much more. Booking with OC VIP is a unique experience that will make you want to book again in the future! We can guarantee that you will not regret the decision of choosing us.

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